André Nobel Architect AvB


André Nobel Architect AvB

André Nobel Architect AvB, since 2000 founder and director of Architectenbureau NOBEL BV.

Before founding Architectenbureau NOBEL BV, André Nobel was an architect for almost 20 years at Center Parcs NV
and has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and realization of large recreational parks with
bungalows including central buildings and subtropical swimming pools of 10.000 m2 to 20.000 m2.

The central buildings consist of a centre plaza with several restaurants, café's, shops, supermarket,
bowling lanes, children's play area, sports hall etc.

Most of the holiday villages are built in areas of natural beauty and the design of the buildings are brought in harmony
with the natural environment and using organic styling and natural materials.

The design and interior of the holiday villages create an atmosphere giving guests a special holiday feeling far from home

Architectenbureau NOBEL BV is also involved in projects outside The Netherlands, including Eastern Europe
(Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia) as well as America and Suriname

Other projects include designing residential care homes and housing.

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